Chin Check

by Proletariat Youth

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This E.P. is dedicated to those of you that still care, to those of you that care about our planet and what we're doing to it, to those of you that stood true to your beliefs and morals and understood that straight edge/hardcore is not just a passing trend, to those of you that have been knocked down and got up stronger and kept fighting, to those of you that have been criticized for your race, gender, and/or sexual preference...or for who you are. Lastly, this is dedicated to those that inspired us, our families, our friends, each other, the musicians, the artists, and the revolutionaries.This goes out to everyone.


released March 8, 2014

All songs written and composed by Pro-Youth.
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at 993K Studios in Pomona, CA by Fabian Rubio.



all rights reserved


Proletariat Youth Riverside, California

Southern California Youth Crew Hardcore band.
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Track Name: Pro-Youth (Intro)

Working Class, work together.
The bonds we create can’t be severed.
Working class kids side by side.
No one can tear us of our pride.

Work. Together.
Stand. Together.

Track Name: Her
(Crew Yell) Show some concern!

(Verse 1) We spit on her, we we step on her, we do it all but care for her. She gave us life, she gave us air but all we do is sit and stare, as she falls a part, and she slowly dies. We can’t seem to find it in our hearts to care for her blue skies.

(Chorus) Are we really that selfish, we can’t appreciate her gift. She gave us live, she gave us air, but we don’t give a shit.

(Verse 2) Like a spoiled child, we take but never give back; please look around, and listen to the facts. Her temperature is rising, we keep her medicine at bay, Please won’t you listen to what she has to say.

(Chorus) Are we really that selfish, we can’t appreciate her gift. She gave us live, she gave us air, but we don’t give a shit. We only have one world that we have to protect. I think it’s time we stand our ground, I think it’s time we correct.

(Breakdown) We don’t seem to care, we don’t seem to mind. But we’ll show concern, when we’re out of time.

Step back and look around, we’re burning our home to the ground.
Track Name: True 'Til College
True Till College

(Verse 1)
You grew up fast, your spirit is withered, and you forgot the definition of true.
You picked up the bottle, washed the ink off your fist, and killed what’s left of your youth.
You laugh at us and make your judgment ‘cause we plan to stay young till we die.
Go ahead, tell me you’re happy. Lie to me when you look in my eyes.

(Chorus 1)
Move on with your life,
We won’t stand in your way.
But don’t forget about us kids and remember what you use to say.

(Verse 2)
Don’t drag us down with your dead weight ‘cause we have so many plans.
Your jealousy simply proves to me that it’s yourself you cannot stand.
You had so many dreams and set your goals,
But they all died with your youth.
Don’t get mad at us because we’re telling you the truth.

(Chorus 2)
Move on with your life,
We won’t stand in your way.
But don’t forget about us kids and remember what you use to say.
Remember what you always said.

I’m sorry we can’t understand the decisions you make,
Listening to what you say, proves to us that you’ve always been fake.
Just because you’re growing old, doesn’t mean you’re growing up.
And just because things got tough, doesn’t mean you should give up, no!
Track Name: New Trend
(Intro) So you heard about the scene, and you think it’s fucking great (yeah, you really got hooked), you don’t care how it started all you care about is the look. You dress and act like your stupid friends and you still don’t know why you claimed Edge. You better get your shit together and use your head!

(Verse 1) Why can’t you fucking understand, it’s more than just starting a band? Stop doing what your friends expect, why don’t you gain some self-respect. Your commitment to the scene is full of fucking doubt, this is more than just a trend that will slowly burn out.

(Chorus) Stop trying to fit in. You’re why the Edge has gone dull. This is more than just a trend. You’re causing your own fall.

(Verse 2) if it has an X, you have to have it on your clothes, but you wouldn’t know commitment if it punched you in the nose. Don’t judge us cause we play our music the way it’s meant to be played. Your opinion will never matter cause you’l only fade away.
Track Name: Urban Disease
Urban Disease

Like a plague, taking out the innocent and the weak.
Beating the life out of those who were forgotten and those who own the streets.
Beating us all with the abuse of their club.
I think it’s time for us to stand up and scream:


I love my city, but it’s run by cops.
This brutality and selfishness has got to stop.
I love my city, but it has a disease;
and the only cure for it is to eliminate the dirty police.

The country’s biggest gang only targets the colors
and won’t stop until their job is done.
Understand it, we’re fighting a war,
and it has just begun.

I love my city,
but it’s under control.
We need to take back our community
with our own street patrol.

Track Name: Chin Check
Chin Check

(Verse 1)
I come so short, no matter how hard I try.
Still I don’t know the reason why.
Other people’s opinions are my main concern.
When will I stand for myself?
When will I learn?

Win some, lose some; life’s unfair that way.
But, put up your dukes,
Brush off your shoulders,
And live to fight another fucking day.

(Verse 1)
I push aside all my goals, just to do what I’ve been told.
My happiness is hard to see,
But it’s not impossible to reach.

(Get low)
I’m sick of always telling people what they want to hear,
Now that I finally stood up for myself,
I will be more sincere.
With myself!
Before anyone else!
Track Name: Get Over It
(Verse 1) Love thy neighbor is what you preach, but that love is limited to a few. Cause you’re told how to feel, what to say, how to act, and what to do. You claim that it’s an abomination, but what you do is much more severe, cause your ignorant mind and your hateful word is what brings your god to tears.

(Chorus) Your child is finally happy cause they realized who they love and who they are. But when you demoralize them, and dehumanize them, that’s when you’ve gone too far.

(Verse 2) You think you can just pray it away, but that’s not how it works. And the reason they commit suicide is because words really do hurt.


(Breakdown) God damn it I’m tired of your conservative shit, you know we’ve had it up to here. Preach what you will, and do as you please, but your message will never come out clear. You better watch what you say nowadays, be careful with what you do. Cause soon enough we won’t put up with you shit, and these “fags” will come and bash you.
Track Name: No Words
No Words

Lost without a hope, and I don’t believe in prayer
As the world around turns, I would just sit and stare
Who will I be?
What will I see?
Whatever will I do?
I was lost within this world until I found you

(Verse 1)
I stand before you, as a product of your own creation
Chiseled from the same stone
You brought me out of my mental damnation
Reminding me that I’m never alone
Your voice and your written words
Made me who I am today
A simple thank you will never come close
To the things that I want to say

The only words that meant a thing, you whispered in my ear
You’re the reason why I’ll smile tomorrow
Why I’ll be alive next year
Broken spirits with no reason to live
You were there to prove me wrong
You’re the reason my heart skips a beat
And you did it all with ONE SONG!

(Verse 2)
I stand proud upon this foundation
That you paved for me
Forever grateful for the music you gave us
Giving us a whole new family
Reminding us that we fit in somewhere
No matter who we are
Your music and positive message
Made us proud of who we are

(Get low)
No words will ever show you how grateful we are
With your music and your lyrics
I know we can go far
You taught us more about the world than we thought we could see
You made us proud of who we are and what we want to be