Frantic Thoughts

by Proletariat Youth

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Recorded By Alex Estrada at Earth Capitol Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Fabian Rubio at 993k studios
March 2017


released July 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Proletariat Youth Riverside, California

Southern California Youth Crew Hardcore band.
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Track Name: Intro
Good times gone!

I can make things right, if I just swallow my pride

But you're not worth the fight.
Track Name: No More Sundays
Everyone has secrets and here is mine, so let it be known
I denounce the existence of your fictitious king upon his pious throne

I can't forgive you father, for you are sin; when I needed you, you were gone.
Forgive me mother; where do I begin to tell you that your teachings were all wrong?
I recognize, with my real eyes, that I realize all of your lies.
Standing proud above me while I'm on my knees; it's your hypocrisy I despise.

It was the angels that lied to me, who said I'll be okay; but, happiness won't occur for me until my final day.

But, I can't wait that long.
Track Name: It Shouldn't Matter
Killing for no good reason, beings that can't fight back
Blood shed throughout the seasons, ignoring all the fact

Where do you think it comes from, the innocent flesh you call dinner?
Maintain your selfish tradition, continue your serial murder.
It shouldn't matter to you, if it's an animal or human being.
Their lives should not be taken, so you can continue living.

The cries of these beautiful creatures, muffled by your ugly actions,
simply by your refusal to gain any education
Track Name: Co-written By
It doesn't matter who's at fault, cause we know we're both to blame.
Try as we might to fix and resolve, but everything sounds the same.
Moving on isn't the issue, it's admitting that our course has been run.
If this is the last time I ever see you, just know with you I had the most fun.

So comes the final chapter, the ending of my favorite book.
No epilogue to look forward to, just an ending that left me shook.
At any time I can read the story, but for now I have to face the fact;
cause I know at this point, there's no turning back.
Track Name: Inner Monologue
Fear, frustration, anger, within myself.
Loathing, hatred, disappointment, towards myself.

I can't find joy, in whatever I do
It's never right, I can't be satisfied
How hard I try, it's just not enough
I can't find pride, in my life
Track Name: Heart Attack Man
Drink a six pack and then you play some ball
Walking down the stairs and then he starts to fall
Add on two joints and he starts to sweat
Two hundred seventy-five pounds that you can't forget

Cause he's a...
Heart Attack, Heart Attack Man
Spend all your money on your health insurance plan
Heart Attack, Heart Attack Man
Keep on getting bigger because you know that he can

Why do you force yourself on top of that girl?
Laugh with all your buddies because it's a man's man's world
Someday, that shit will come back to you
Throwing your weight around and that shit is through

Heart Attack, Heart Attack Man
Going nowhere, and got no master plan
Heart Attack, Heart Attack Man

Weighs in at two seventy-five

Yeah, my man is lucky to be alive

Smokin' and drinkin’, too

My man, the Heart Attack Man, is gonna be running over you

Got no goddamn respect

Yeah, you'd better put your big, big ass in check

Heart Attack, Heart Attack Man
Lungs full of tar And a stomach full of Spam
Heart Attack, Heart Attack Man
Time to change your ways, Heart Attack Man
Track Name: Until We Meet Again (Her Name Was Em)
She got tired of all of this privilege, she knew she had to escape this shit.
A free spirit on her way to reincarnation, it was hard for her to find a place to fit.
She welcomed everyone with open arms, didn't discriminate because she saw what it does
Went out of her way to bring no harm, she fought the good fight until she was gone

Stood by our side, filled us with pride; she was our friend, until her end

Until we meet again
Track Name: Always Running
So here I stand, alone amongst the ruins and the rubble. I try my best to run and hide, but I find my way back to trouble

I see the people all around me, but they appear to be dead and gone. I survived with people I don't trust, but I will soon right
these wrongs

I'm stuck in the middle with no one to trust and nowhere for me to go
I'm killing the dead up above and I'm fighting the living below

Is this all a dream? Am I losing my mind? It's just too hard to tell.
With everything surrounding me, it looks like there's no room in hell.
But, I won't quit, I'll keep on running; I refuse to admit defeat
The end of the world doesn't mean that it's the end of me

I'll never quit this fight cause I ain't going out like this; I'm gonna use all my weapons until I'm down to my fist
I will retaliate until I see the shinning sun; if I die and you feast on my guts, you'll choke on them

And I know, I can't out run all of these past lives.
I hate the fact I'm fighting monsters that are still civilized.
Another day, another month, I still keep track of the year.
Soon I'll find my paradise, but for now I must live in fear.

I will not die here. You can't keep me long. I will get out of here, I am strong, determined, and I don't need you